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For over 25 years EuropaLub has collated European Lubricant market statistics, on a non-profit basis. Working with the lubricants industry trade associations in each country, supported by UEIL, EuropaLub has been re-launched with an online service, the European Lubricants Industry Statistics Service (ELISSE). As economies change so does the demand for lubricant. Since the 2008 global crisis, significant demand shifts have occurred. Up-to-date market statistics enable decisions to be made on the basis of the latest figures.


EuropaLub data provides the basis for key decisions

  Governments and policy making groups

  Consultants and advisors

  Additive companies

  Base oil sales

  Lube marketers operating in Europe; independents and majors


EuropaLub’s ELISSE will provide the basis for

  Demand planning

  Capacity planning

  Market share analysis

  Lobby support initiatives


ELISSE contains data for

  Country level lubricants volume demand by product type

  Export and import volumes


EuropaLub is re-establishing a network of data collection

from the National bodies and where there is no

national collection on a systematic basis,

directly from the companies operating

in those countries.

The EuropaLub Market Summary

is now available!


The Printed Market Summary provides an overview of trends in the European Lubricants Market with additional commentary provided by each nation’s industry trade association.


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